Filiz Behaettin – the girl from Melbourne who became an international author

Filiz pictured with her second book ‘Henry the Stange Bee & the Missing Honey Buckets’.

Filiz was born in Australia to Turkish Cypriot immigrants and raised in Melbourne.

She is a freelance writer, contributor, presenter, and international best-selling author with a strong background in communications and policy development in the Public Sector.

A keen writer from a young age, Filiz always aspired to be an author and in 2020 released her highly successful children’s book series ‘Henry the Strange Bee’.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, reading ‘Henry the Stange Bee’ by Filiz Behaettin.

Her first book in the series was featured and read by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York on ‘Storytime with Fergie & Friends’.

A self-made woman from humble beginnings, Filiz is a passionate advocate of children’s literature and cultural diversity and is committed to empowering women and children to achieve their full potential, regardless of their socio-economic background, race, or color.

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