Filiz Behaettin – the girl from Melbourne who became an international author

Filiz pictured with her first two books from the ‘Henry the Stange Bee’ series.

Filiz Behaettin is an international best-selling author, freelance writer, and speaker based in Australia. A thought leader, she was born and raised in Melbourne and is of Turkish Cypriot heritage. Her unique skill set and experience working in government have enabled Filiz to bring a new perspective to the literature, self-help, and cultural diversity space.

A mentor and leader, she is committed to empowering others, particularly women, to achieve their dreams while equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.

Along with being active in the self-development arena, Filiz is also the author of the popular children’s series ‘Henry the Strange Bee,’ making her a strong advocate of children’s literature.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, reading ‘Henry the Stange Bee’ by Filiz Behaettin.

Her first book in the series was featured and read by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York on ‘Storytime with Fergie & Friends’, and teaches children to embrace their differences and be whoever they want, regardless of race, color, or social background.

With an extensive skillset, Filiz offers one-on-one mentoring services for those looking to get ahead, as well as manuscript and editing services, and is also available for school visits or to speak at your next corporate event. For a list of how Filiz can assist you or your next project, click here.